The all new what are you doing now thread

I'm making last minute cookies. My boss gave me a really nice cash bonus and my friend's parents are paying for a ride for me home. I'm going to their christmas party tomorrow and they don't want me to have to take the trains afterwards.
There's a tiny spider that dropped down to a couple feet above the coffee table. Now it's going back up. That is one long strand of silk :oops:
Instead I tried this thing I just read about: if you have hard water leaving stains on things, you can spray it with white vinegar. It seems like it worked
Next week is supposed to be bitterly cold so I need to make a trip to the store that has Carhartt gear. I need a good pair of gloves because I'll be working outside.
I was a little worried about getting home because they shut down my train line. I did make it home okay though, and i just finished eating dinner.
Found a pretty cheap internet deal and started setting it up. I didn't realize they do self installs now; I would have done this months ago if I had known
I was waiting for a solid day off because I thought a technician would have to come by and install it. I could have saved some money and had this done months ago. Oh well, story of my life o_O