The all new what are you doing now thread

Just ordered one of those double canopy umbrellas. This is supposed to be a really good brand and the double canopy keeps the wind from turning it inside out.
Just bought this messenger bag that I've been thinking about for a while. I need a bag that size and I'm tired of carrying around a backpack.
I ordered some nice handmade soaps. I haven't done that in a long time. :) There was a place that I used to get them from but they've vanished without a trace.

I wonder what happens with all of these artisans who seem to be doing great and then just stop? Maybe it's burnout. :confused: There was a jewelry maker who I was following for a while. She seemed to love it so much and so did her customers. And then she just stopped. Her website is down, her instagram has been abandoned. I never got any of her things. I would have liked to get one of her multi stone rings, or her acorn pendants.
There are several people who asked if she was still making things on her last instagram post, but that was years ago with no answer.
My friend left some cookies. They are not my favorite. I don't like fruit fillings in cookies but I think I will eat them anyway.

Feeling bad because I've been wasting food lately :confused:
Up late reading and listening to more k-pop. I should go to bed soon. Tomorrow is my only day off this week and I have a lot to do. :|