The all new what are you doing now thread

Cleaning! I cleaned out the fridge and pantry. Gathered all the recyclable stuff and changed the litterbox. Going though my small amount of gardening supplies. I need plants that are easy to care for because I have a black thumb err.gif
They advise you to not go overboard and get tons of different plants because they can have all different care instructions and that just makes things harder
I'm looking up cornbread recipes.

Earlier this week I had lunch at this place with amazing cornbread! :oops: But when I make cornbread with the recipe on the cornmeal box, it's always so dry. I want good, moist cornbread o_O
Just dropped my laptop o_O

It was only off the sofa so it didn't fall far and it seems to have knocked lots of crumbs out of the keyboard. I think it's okay though
Baking my miniature apples and pie. This is pie #3, a combination of methods I saw
Most of them burned, wtf o_O Most of the apples developed dark brown splotches and the colors are really dull. The pie burned a little in the middle so I have to start over with that as well. Otherwise the pie method was fine.