The all new what are you doing now thread


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What OS were you using....
Were you still in the XP dark ages :eek:
I wouldn’t go back now,...
it takes some getting used to, but you’ll learn to like it
I was using Windows 7, which is a great OS :cool:

I don't need or want all this extra shit so I've been stripping 10 down. The beginning, where they want you to sign up for everything especially pissed me off. And I hate visual clutter so I'd do this anyway. neutral.gif


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Just ordered an sd card for my phone. I deleted 2 games off my phone and it only freed up a tiny bit of space o_O
Did you check if you could use apps/games direct from the SD card :confused:
I know on my work phone you cant :mad:

You should be able to at least move music and photos over to the SD card.....