so i bet you all have seen


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arrakis post on imbb and qoute of bruce's words in madrid. for those of you that haven't shortly said bruce said that there are more albums and tours coming up. i wangt to know what do you think how many albums bruce and the guys have in them. i think bruce will play until he dies.....but for the rest of the guys i am not sure[/quote]


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i dont think the band will keep going long past 2006 :/ , maybe 1 or 2 new studio albums. They have to play a farewell tour thought :headbang:. But for now - roll on december 12 :metal:


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I honestly think more than 4 studio albums from Maiden in the future would be extremely unlikely indeed, even if they were year-on-year releases like back in the early days. With such extensive tours it would be hard for the band to keep going on such a tight tour-compose-perform cycle :)

I guess it'll be a great shame when Maiden call it a day, but their current state means theres another few years of great things to come yet (in my opinion).

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I posted the same thing in my review from the Madrid gig, i think they will have at least more 3 or 4 studio albums, camon Deep Purple is still going strong. Then we're in for stuff from the vaults and i'm expecting that to i suppose, but for now i want more studio albums

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Manowar said:
i dont think the band will keep going long past 2006 :/ , maybe 1 or 2 new studio albums. They have to play a farewell tour thought :headbang:. But for now - roll on december 12 :metal:
they said this would be the last stadium tour but i still think they might do another for the farewell tour


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All speculation my friends.

In a recent interview, Bruce did say that the band would cease all touring activities in around 5 years time, but continue recording and releasing material. (edit:Bruce has now said that this information is false according to a report on Blabbermouth)

When I met Nicko he told me about the 7x70 project (w/Dan Spitz) and said that their album would be released after the DoD tour had finished, and he would be heading out on a tour to support the album.

After this, he said he was confident that Maiden would then reconvene to start work on the next Maiden album. In my eyes, that takes us to around 2005/2006 - the tour would be likely to consist of festivals only, as of course the current tour is the final 'arena/stadium' tour.

It may also be advisable to note that in an interview back in 1993 (before Bruce quit), Dave Murray said that he thought Maiden would go on for about 5 more years, before packing it all in. Of course we all know that isnt the case.

Hell, when the Sun (UK Paper) ran a story when Bruce left, the headline read "Maiden to split as Bruce goes solo", and had all manner of quotes from the band saying that the band as finished. This as well, was trollop.

My advice? Enjoy em while you can. And when they do finally call it a day, we will all have a fantastic set of memories, albums and friends that the band made possible. Dont worry yourselves about doomsday. We can deal with it when it hapens.

Until then, UP THE IRONS!!


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I've met him twice! ;)

and also met Bruce, Blaze, Steve and Adrian. I have been one of the lucky few where it was a good chat and drink rather than the usual 2 second 'hello'.

I also have occaisional email contact with Paul D, and very nice he is too!!!