Slow connection help needed

ok, so I upload stuff to my friend in sweden at about 200 kb/s. he's got a 10 mbps connection, but when i download from him it only goes abut 10 kb/s. I connect and download 4 songs at the same time so it all adds up to about 40 but that is still tooo slow. I used a different ftp program, firewall on and off, he has a private srver so i'm the only user, i even downloaded on 2 different computers (different connections), my dowload can easily go 180. Now what the hell is going on? is this his ftp client, maybe setting? the client seems to be the only option, if so what it a good one to use? I'm going crazy, we wanted to save on postage but with this speed it will take ma a couple of months to get over 20 shows!!!!
i need help, especially suggestions as for what ftp client could he use.


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You can try downloading from my server to check.

BTW You need to create md5 files for your boots. I have error for track01 in Denver 88.
I can download from you at about 100 kb/s through DC++ which is great, i also have an access to another 10mbp server and it blows my dowload away. Two things - what ftp client do you use and how do I create md5 file? I will finish uploading denver tomorrow - yesterday your speed really dropped and then conncerion was broken.


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I use BulletProof FTP Server program and FTP Explorer Client.

You didn't finished Prag I think. I've downloaded Denver few days ago. I need Track01.flac again. And upload three md5 for Denver, Prag and Uniondale so i can check.

You can create MD5 files with md5summer That way we can check file after download.