Shocked Thread

My bank card is suddenly invalid?

just when i need to buy train tickets and camping stove for Bloodstock which is now 26 days away?

no way! :shock:

evident :x


The Plumber That Rocks
This was one of the top stories on the darkside today. It seems to be getting pretty big :eek:

Stay safe Rockin :eek:
Salisbury has never been in the news this much like EVER
Last thing this big was when someone built a Henge made of Stone :oops:

No part of me is glowing green yet so all is good.....
We’re right in between it all here....
About 5 minutes from where they collapsed in the city centre...
And about 5 minutes the other way to his house....

They had a press conference just now....
They seem very proud to be police officers...
But any other questions about facts are being answered “we can’t say”