problems getting into hubs


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ive tried getting into some hubs, but i get kicked...
on the i get kicked cuz it says "unknown client" or something like that

i can only connect using a tunneling program(http tunnel) cuz i am behind a lan firewall

any suggestions?


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yea dc++
and i have to connect with a tunnel program cuz im am behind a LAN at college

i did connect to the one that kicked me out
when i log on it says "fear of the duck" and i get kicked out weith that message


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*** Connecting to
*** Connected
<Hub-Security> This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4 (UpTime: 24 hours, 56 minutes)
Private message from Wrathduck: <Wrathduck> Unknown user agent! Bye!
*** Disconnected

the other 2 hubs i get connected then just disconnected


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i have tried using the passive mode. but my college seems to block ports once in a while. so sometimes it will not work... everytime i use the passive mode i will get this message "connection reset by server" and when i use the tunnel program i am able to get onto other hubs using socks5.....

any solutions? im always trying both ways and i got several boots to share