People with FAST FTP (BoBo I guess)

Hi, long time I didn't post here. I need a huge favor, can somebody with fast connection get Metallica 2003 shows (mp3) and share them with me. I'll give in exchange maiden audio stuff.
Just a few things to keep in mind: I want full shows only (if unsure ask) and I want the ftp to be fast - about 200 kb/s. my site below


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I don't have Metallica 2003 shows. Do you mean I have to download it from somewhere? And why mp3?
I take mp3 because it's really too much to handle with cds, recording and all. I have almost (soon over) 700 shows, that's about 1400 cds if I had that in audio. I need 2003 because I don't have many. But it's ok I think I can get them here and there.
And one more thing, can't resist to do use this: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: