My First Maiden Gig; Somewhere On Tour 25.11.1986 ESSEN

Discussion in 'Bootlegs' started by bruce666, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. bruce666

    bruce666 New Member

    :suck: Is there anybody who had the Somewhere On Tour Gig in ESSEN on 25.11.1986 ???`

    This was my first Maiden-Gig and I want AAAA CCOOOPPPYYYYYYYYY !!!!!
  2. MaidenMadness

    MaidenMadness Active Member

    try the traders forum
  3. BoBo

    BoBo Active Member

    There is one in circulation, but very bad quality.
  4. AGuyFromNY

    AGuyFromNY Member

    and sadly incomplete

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