Mp3 hub is a lossless Hub! New rules and Registration Update


I just want to inform you that the old mp 3 hub has changed to a lossless hub!

I´m sorry for all mp3 users , but I had to go that step. If you want to go this step with me, you are all invited, but without mp3s!

So this are the new rules for "SOMWHERE BACK ON THE HUB":

By entering the hub you accept the following rules:

Rule #01 - No Sharing of WMA, MP3, MPC, M4A, OGG, MKW, DTS, XM, WAV, ISO or EXE Files are allowed! Immediate Warnings, Kicks & Bans!
Rule #02 - No Sharing of any official stuff (anything that can be bought retail.) Immediate Warnings, Kicks & Bans!
Rule #03 - No Sharing of ANY material which has been converted from it's original format.
Rule #04 - Videos should be shared in the best available source, no DivX/mpeg if there is a DVD source!
Rule #05 - You must download and share at least ONE (1) gigabyte of Iron Maiden audio and/or video ASAP!
Rule #06 - You must share at least TEN (10) GB of Lossless Audio. (New Members are excluded for at least 7 days of their total online time in the DC++ Hub)
Rule #07 - Do Not Queue or Download DVD's until you reach a share of twenty (20) GB.
Rule #08 - You have to share all completed downloads or to archive it with a list available for requests until more HD space is aquired.....No Leeching.
Rule #09 - If a show comes with an identification file such as .MD5, .ST5, .FFP then you MUST use it to verify the data before sharing with this hub. PM OP for assistance.
Rule #10 - Stay in this hub when you are downloading - Leeching isn't fair.
Rule #11 - Please give at least 2 slots and do not cue more than 1 show per person at one time.
Rule #12 - Please use only English in main chat, but you can use any language in PM's.
Rule #13 - Empty folders must reside in a parent folder called "Archived". (do not mix them with shared shows.)
Rule #14 - Please try to keep shares organized and Internationally date descending. (2000-04-20) And don´t share incomplete files and downloads!
Rule #15 - Respect the tapers wish! Don`t torrent and don`t convert shows without permission!
Rule #16 - Treat all hub members and OP's with respect, no offense in here!
Rule #17 - Do not advertise in the hub.
Rule #18 - Repeated violations of the rules will get your IP banned.

Accounts not in use for 12 weeks will be deleted from the hub members database. Please inform one of the DC++ hub ops if you are planning to stay away longer than that period.

We have made this rules to give everyone that is interested in trading and sharing the best possible hub experience. When we see there is need, as some thing don´t work as they should, we may modify the hub rules

And if you see a member breaking one of the rules, you are allowed to report it to an op and we will deal with it!

You will get VIP Status in the hub if you have at least 100 GB share. Or when you do something special like bringing new and/or rare shows to the hub, you may also become a VIP! As VIP you get some more feaures like entering the VIP Chat, additional commands like search for free slots, sending Pms to offline user...

Those you have to accept when you want to become a member of the former mp3 hub, which is now lossless!

How to register for the hub! Updated Information

1. Read the hub rules , and make sure you understand and agree with them
2. Register for an account on the Forum using a valid e-mail address
3. Using your forum account, send a private message using the below template as a guide, substituting YOUR NICK and YOUR PASSWORD as appropriate.

Subject: Hub Registration
I have read and agree to the rules of the hub.

You should send the PM to one of the hubadmins and mods who will be able to process your registration request.

You can request a registration from following hub ops:


4. Wait for a PM back from the person you asked to register you. If they don't reply for several days, you could try another one of the admins and mods in th meantime, perhaps the one you sent the request is on holidays or so. You will recieve an e-mail notification when you recieve the PM response.Once you've recieved successful confirmation, you're done registering and can move on to the next step

To add the hub to your Favourites list, as we suggest, you should do the following.

* Open "View > Favorite Hubs" (CTRL + F)
* Click on new
* Enter the name: "Iron Maiden Trading Hub"
* Enter the address: ""
* Enter your username and password as chosen during registration into the "Identification" section of the dialog


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Bravo Thommie! This is an excellent decision to go lossless, and a step toward ensuring dynamic range will not die.

I'll be at the hub 24/7 from now on!


We are just converting the old maidenworld.hub to lossless! The hub change to lossless is delayed until wedneday latest! I´m sharing hub hosting with Lord Death! He is hosting at the moment but won´t be home until wednesday latest. So the major change will be done with next switch back to me!

I will inform you in here when it´s done!

Cheers Thommie


Mp3 hub is dead! Long live the lossless hub!

Change to lossless hub is done!

[About this change:

With the beginning of a new year which will be a great one for all Iron Maiden fans, we thought it´s time for some changes. So we made the step to make a lossless hub out of the old hub. We want to give all fans the chance too get new bootlegs from the coming Iron Maiden tour in best quality, and of course also all other bootlegs. And as the webmaster of Maiden-World doesn´t have time at the moment to update the site with this new informations, we also created a new hub forum at to make this changes more clearer and to give you the best possible support and always uptodate informations about everything. So this new forum is just an uptodate addition to Maiden World. So you won´t miss anything. The DC spirit rules!!! .....and also the 'kin Maiden one's

Thommie & The Hub Staff


For all traders, if have created a own trading category in the forum. There you can introduce your trading sites and/or arrange trades.


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Re: Mp3 hub is a lossless Hub! New rules and Registration Up

well its open in my pc you can check your pc..anyways good to hear about new place