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The purpose of this thread is to help all traders to detect if an audio bootleg is mp3 sourced or not.

Here's a quote which gives a definition of mp3 format :

"CD Audio is compressed into MP3 audio by throwing out all the sounds at the extreme ends of the frequency spectrum.
In other words, they take out the high and low frequencies that they think maybe you won’t notice.
To some extent, this is true – these are probably the frequencies you’ll miss the least.
When this is done, you are left with an approximation to what the sound originally was. However, it is just an approximation.
Though at a distance the song sounds the same, it is now missing something."

Here's a link that will show you how mp3 is bad :

Some traders don't care about mp3, some others, like the majority of us in this BB, can't stand mp3 and find unacceptable to convert real audio
recordings into mp3 and then burn these mp3 into cdrs and then trade it.

Please don't do this !

Here's a little mp3 detection guide to help you :

Tools to use

- Hub Audio Tool : the best one IMO, this freeware was created by Bobo.
You can get it on Max's web page :
If you have problem to get it here, you can ask me by PM, and i will send it to you.


- Adobe Audition / Cool Edit Pro : you can download a trial version here :

How to detect mp3 ?

I advice all of you to check the following web sites, which will help you to recognize mp3 sourced bootlegs.

Links :


==> In my opinion, the best site which gives you a lot of different examples and sources of mp3.

- :

==> This is a page of my trading web site

==> Another good page which explains why trading mp3 is unacceptable.

- (on the Main page, click on the "mp3's" link)

==> Page of John web site.

Most common Iron Maiden bootlegs found in mp3 format, but available in real audio format :

- 1981-02-26 Guildford, England, UK.
- 1982-02-27 Wolverhampton, England, UK.
- 1983-05-11 Bradford, England, UK.
- 1983-05-16 Sheffield, England, UK.
- 1983-05-21 Birmingham, England, UK.
- 1983-05-22 Birmingham, England, UK.
- 1983-06-01 Helsinki, Finland.
- 1984-09-12 Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
- 1984-10-02 Birmingham, England, UK.
- 1984-10-05 Southampton, England, UK.
- 1986-09-10 Belgrade, Yugoslavia - 1 CD's version (not Navigator's recording)
- 1986-11-12 Helsinki, Finland.
- 1986-12-09 Lyon, France.
- 1986-12-17 Firenze, Italy.
- 1987-01-09 Pittsburgh, US.
- 1987-03-01 Fort Worth, US.
- 1987-03-20 Toronto, Canada.
- 1987-05-13 Tokyo, Japan.
- 1988-05-13 Moncton, Canada.
- 1988-06-23 Chicago, US.
- 1988-06-01 Seattle, US.
- 1990-12-14 Birmingham, England, UK.
- 1991-01-26 New Haven, US.
- 1995-11-21 Madrid, Spain.
- 1996-02-27 Cincinatti, US.
- 1998-10-22 Wolverhampton, England, UK
- 2003-11-04 Frankfurt, Germany "Dancing With The Reaper"'s version. Was taped with a mp3 recorder. Another real audio version is available.
- 2004-01-11 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Most common Iron Maiden bootlegs found in mp3 format, but not available (or not found) in real audio format for the moment :

- 1982-07-16 Seattle, US.
- 1982-12-08 Sapporo, Japan.
- 1983-06-28 Seattle, US.
- 1983-08-31 Poughkeepsie, US.
- 1983-11-24 Madrid, Spain.
- 1986-12-03 Madrid, Spain.
- 1987-05-15 Tokyo, Japan.
- 1987-05-17 Kyoto, Japan.
- 1990-10-12 Manchester, England, UK.
- 1990-12-11 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
- 1992-08-31 Oslo, Norway.
- 1992-11-03 Yokohama, Japan.
- 1996-03-16 Dallas, US.
- 1998-09-23 Helsinki, Finland.
- 2003-06-17 Zagreb, Croatia. Seems to taped with a mp3 recorder or with a MD in LP2/LP4 mode. This is the only version available for the moment...
- 2003-08-06 Detroit, US. Was taped with a mp3 recorder. This is the only version available for the moment...
- 2003-08-18 El Paso, US. Seems to taped with a mp3 recorder or with a MD in LP2/LP4 mode.. This is the only version available for the moment...
- 2005-07-02 Germany Full Force Festival
- 2005-08-06 East Troy, US. Was taped in analog format, but the taper deleted his wav. files and only kept mp3 files ... This is the only version available for the moment...

Finally, i think that it will be useful for traders : i am working on my web site to add a freq. analysis graph for each of my Maiden bootleg.
I put it online for these Tours :

I will put online the other tours in the next weeks.

09/03/2006 Updates : mp3 lists.

- 1991-01-26 New Haven, US ==> 2 real audio sources seem to exist. One comes from Laurent, and the other from me (DVD audio ripped (PCM), edited & remastered by me).

- 1998-10-22 Wolverhampton, England, UK ==> 1 real audio exists, coming from Laurent.
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