Most underrated Maiden song??


I think blood brothers is badly underrated and don't understand why it wasn't released as a single??
"We're Blood Bro-o-o-thers!!! :banana:
"Dream of Mirrors" would definitely be one. I also think that "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" doesn't get enough appreciation. It is one of the most epic songs ever.

"These Colours Don't Run" was one of the first Maiden songs I ever heard and is one of my favorites, but I guess that gets a bit of recognition.

However, with all three of the above songs, I'd probably have to say that "Dance of Death" is under appreciated. It definitely ranks in my top 5 songs.


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For my money, I would say Nomad and Quest for Fire. Nomad because it's simply underrated, and Quest for Fire because it's a somewhat so-so song on an incredible album. You bastards already beat me to Dream of Mirrors, but that's a good example. Alexander the Great, perhaps? Pretty righteous intro.
From the first album, I think "Strange World" is totally ignored. But it has a cool, moody atmosphere and feel to it that I really enjoy.

And "Alexander the Great is way" underrated.
Hi I think "Lord Of The Flies" is a kick ass song that deserves more attention. "Prodigal Son" is one of their greatest moments from their early years that deserves more recognition.



-Dream of Mirrors
-Lightning Strikes Twice
-Blood On The Worlds Hands
-Out Of The Silent Planet


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hello ... I' new here :D

well, I think that one of the most underrated Maiden's songs is Back in the Village...another great song that people don't use to pay attention is Deja Vu... but I love it
Twilight Zone
Still Life
Flash of the Blade
The Duellists
Back In The Village
Caught Somewhere In Time
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Deja Vu
Infinate Dreams
Only The Good Die Young
Public Enema Number One
No Prayer For The Dying
Run Silent Run Deep
Mother Russia
Childhood's End
Chains of Misery
Judas Be My Guide
The Aftermath
The Unbeliever
Judgement Day
Justice of the Peace
When Two Worlds Collide
The Educated Fool
Lightning Strikes Twice
Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger
Ghost of the Navigator
Dream of Mirrors
The Fallen Angel
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Age of Innocence
The Longest Day
Out of the Shadows
Lord of Light
The Legacy