"Maiden Acoustic" project returns - now on YouTube


If anyone is interested, I've finally got round to putting all 114 acoustic Maiden cover tracks I've recorded up on YouTube rather than keeping them tucked away on my old webpage. You can find all the tracks at:


Some of you may remember but, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'll recall some history :) I started this 'Maiden Acoustic' project back in 2006, mainly for my own amusement and also a desire to hear the songs in this form, recording my own acoustic versions of Maiden's back catalogue with me playing all the guitars, acoustic bass, mandolin and (occasionally) drums (on my knees :)), as well as doing the singing to the best of my ability ;) I began recording on a rubbish old microphone (hence why some of the songs are in lower quality) and then moved up to a USB mic which was a lot better, especially when I'd also got better at some rudimentary mixing techniques :) They're not in any particular order (just the order I uploaded them in), so you'll find the sound quality varies throughout, but hopefully the playing is consistently good (if not the singing! :)) It may be best to listen on headphones to get the full effect.

Over the following few years I added more and more tracks until various factors forced me to take a long hiatus from the recording pace I'd been managing. I'm getting some more time on my hands now, so may get back to doing some more of the covers I've yet to do, but any encouragement to do so in the form of comments or ratings on the YouTube channel is very much appreciated! Who knows, I might even do some actual videos rather than just the audio over still pictures! :)

The original thread here at the IMOC was at http://www.ironmaiden.com/fanclub/showthread.php?t=1657 for anyone who wants more info, and the original webpage for these tracks is http://www.freewebs.com/thingfishy, from where you can download the tracks as mp3s linked from http://www.notb.org/thingfish.

For the record, my faves I've done are probably Aces High, Stranger In A Stranger Land, Children Of The Damned, Total Eclipse, Blood On The World's Hands, Black Bart Blues, Reach Out and Paschendale, but I love them all!

Hope you enjoy them, too :)