Lp trades

I've got The Maiden Japan EP, original 1981 printed in the U.S. That I'd like to trade for either Live After Death Lp, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Lp, or No Prayer For The Dying Lp(I think they made that one in Lp but I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong). Very good condition, inside sleeve is just a regular paper sleeve, cover in very good condition and album in good condition with only a few scratches that I'm pretty sure don't affect play. And if you wanted I transfered the album to my computer so if you want it in mp3 format so you can put on your ipod or mp3 player i could also send you a burned cd of it with the Lp.

And Then I've got the Iron Maiden Lp which was printed in Germany in either 1980 or some years after the original release that I do not know. It's by a company called fame that reprints the original sound recording so they can make money off good albums. I don't know if it's supposed to be Spanish or something but where it would say side 1 or side 2 in English it say seite 1 and seite 2. And I'm pretty sure it's not an original but it does say EMI in many spots of the album.(The back cover 4 times, both sides once). I'd trade that one for Killers Lp, Live After Death Lp, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Lp, or No Prayer For The Dying Lp

Finally, and yes I know this isn't a Lp, I've got a Trooper poster with no rips or tears in it but it's got the tack holes in the corners from being on the wall that I'd like trade for another poster(Iron Maiden preferably but I might take another bands depending on what band). I don't really know what I want so just tell me what poster you'd trade for it and it's dimensions and condition and I'll tell you if i'll trade you.

Please email your trade offers at alanb802@yahoo.com. You can post on the thread but I'd prefer email. THese are snail mail trades and I live in Texas, U.S., so if you don't want to pay for shipping because you live in Antarctica or something of the sort be aware that you pay for your shipping and I pay for my shipping.

Now I'm done.