LAD 85, Maiden England 88, Donington 92 Laserdisc XP DVDs!


Thanks to my good trading buddy Scott, I have acquired Laserdisc to stand alone XP Mode DVDs of the following....

Live After Death Long Beach Arena, CA March 85 2 DVD
Maiden England NEC Arena Birmingham November 88 2 DVD
Donington August 92 (Japanese LD source!) 2 DVD

All dvds have interactive menus and proper chapter points....
These are the best versions of these classic home videos that I have ever seen!!

If there is interest in these major DVD upgrades, I can upload to one of the 10MB shares over the next few weeks.

I apologize for not uploading recently, I have been spending my internet time trying to keep my various torrent ratios as high as possible! :D

Well, please let me know if there is interest and I will make time to upload to a 10MB share for everyone to enjoy!

Don't forget to choose the priority of which show to be uploaded first. :? :wink:




I for one, is very interrested in all 3 of them. The one i want the most, would have to be Donny 92, since i havent got it one DVD yet.
I figured that Donny 92 would be the most wanted as we have had LAD and Maiden England on DVD for a while.

As I've mentioned, Doningnton 92 is from Japanese laserdisc.

Supposedly Japanese LDs are of higher quality than Non Japanese LDs....

Any 10MB share owners interested in hosting these dvds?

I am bumping this to the top of the thread list because I would like to upload these 3 classic home videos to one of the 10MB shares sometime soon! I feel guilty because I have not shared any 'new' DVDs with the hub recently....


Casv, Bobo, Ed Hunter let me know if you want LAD, ME, or Donny 92. All are mint XP Stand Alone 2DVD sets with Proper menus & chapter marks, from the original Japanese laserdiscs!



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I don't know are they better then previously shared.

I think Donington 92 was released as official DVD?


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BoBo said:
I don't know are they better then previously shared.

I think Donington 92 was released as official DVD?
I think that Donington 92 is realesed only in VHS format. I didn't have seen any official realeses of it on DVD. Anyone knows more info about it?
Donington 92 was released on VHS and Laserdisc back in 1993. The version I have on DVD has Japanese subtitles, and is from the Laserdisc. As we all know, the Japanese made the best quality LD's back in the 80s/90s. Donington 92 has yet to appear on official DVD. It'll more than likely be released as part of the "History of Iron Maiden" DVD series.

Maiden England is also excellent quality. Probably my favorite Maiden official home video. 2DVD from Laserdisc source.

Live After Death will be released officially as part of the "History Of Iron Maiden" DVD series in 2007. I've heard that Kevin Shirley is currently remixing the soundtrack. We should probably wait for the official DVD of LAD.

Let me know if any of the 10MB shares would like to host Donington 92 or Maiden England?

I will start off with Donington 92.

If any of the 10MB shares want to host it, send me a message and we can work out transfer details.