Koji je vaš setlist iz snova?

01. Aces high
02. The trooper
03. The clairvoyant
04. Tailgunner
05. The fugitive
06. Sea of madness
07. The wicker man
08. Hallowed be thy name
09. Paschendale
10. Iron maiden
11. Fear of the dark
12. Mother russia
13. Rainmaker
14. The number of the beast
15. Run to the hills
16. Alexander the great
1. Be Quick Or Be Dead
2. Flight Of Icarus
3. 2 Minutes To Mindnight
4. Brave New World
5. Wasted Years
6. Hallowed By The Name
7. Rainmaker
8. The Evil That Man Do
9. Sign Of The Cross
10. The Trooper
11. The Number Of The Beast
12. The Clairvoyant
13. Fear Of The Dark
14. Iron Maiden

15. Aces High
16. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
17. Futureal
18. Runing Free


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1) number of the beast
2) the trooper
3) rime of the ancient mariner
4) powerslave
5) alexander the great
6) aces high
7) 2 minutes to midnight
8) sign of the cross
9) the ghosts of navigators
10) wrathchild
11) revelations
12) holy smoke
13) mother russia
14) bring your daughter to the slaughter
15) be quck or be dead
16) afraid to shoot strangers
17) tailgunner
18) brave new world
19) rainmaker
20) paschendale
21) the clarivoyant
22) heaven can wait
23) iron maiden
24) fear of the dark
25) hallowed be thy name


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Recimo ovo nije setlist iz snova nego sto bih izabrao za sljedecu turneju (bez novog albuma) i da bude otprilike 95 minuta:

Intro: Transylvania

Another Life
Holy Smoke
Gates of Tomorrow
Children Of The Damned
Infinite Dreams
Be Quick Or Be Dead
Flight Of Icarus
Face in the Sand
The Nomad
Hooks In You
Where Eagles Dare


Alexander The Great
Wasted Years
htijo sam samo pitat koji vam je mozda najbolja stage produkcija od maidena??
Meni se osobo jako svida stage s Virtual Tour i World Slavery Tour..


Set iz snova

1. The Clansman
2. The Number of the beast
3. Sanctuary
4. Dance of Death
5. The Evil that Men do
6. Where Eagles Dare
7. Revelations
8. The trooper
9. Wasted years
10. Run to the hills
11. Out of the silent planet
12. Fear of the Dark
1. Hallowed be thy name
2. The clairvoyant
3. Rime of the ancient mariner
najbolja stage produkcija je definitivno powerslave, a odmah iza nje somwhere in time pa dance of death. za vrijeme no prayer for the dying turneje nisu imali nikakve brljotine po pozornici nego samo marshale.