Iron Maiden family


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edge_of_the_wire said:
Sometimes it's quite difficult to find photos of Iron Maiden members and their families these days.
Thats probably because they like their privacy?

Having insane fanboys like yourself posting pictures of their kids on the internet - gotta admit, it's a little bit too weird, isnt it?

edge_of_the_wire said:
pilotoatomico is right!
He asked us to post Maiden members and their families.
we need to get some pictures of their families cause I never really saw their kids or something like that


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pilotoatomico said:
i always thought he wasnt married, well at least we know he is not virgin :kinkyfruit: i was sure he didnt have kids, because dave is sooo fucking ugly, anyways he is the best guitarist
Ugly? I Think he is cute and has a charming smile :) .