What is the status of all those incoming shows to the hub? I was planning to upload a few on my own but they have been on i list since october/november last year.


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If something is on the incoming list doesn't mean someone else can't share it. Especially if it's there for 4-5 months.
yes! my isp started kicking ass,
they said my speed will increase to 3/768 (from 1.5/128) and price decrease by $7.
Speed change should go in effect within hours so no longer i'll have to drag that heavy laptop just to upload somthing.
:banana: :banana:


AGuyFromNY said:
do you have newcastle 83? I have troubles copying one track
Yes i had it from MaidenEssex. He made the tape transfer for me :D .
A lot of traders (and big ones) have Newcastle 83, but it is mp3 sourced.
This boot takes part of the next load of bootlegs i will share soon. :)