How many times have YOU seen Maiden live?


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Okay how many times have you all seen the greatest band ever live? Can anyone break my count? I seen them 31 times total and hoping for the 32nd this year or next! :)

Ive seen them...
1980 (1 Time)
1981 (2 Times)
1982 (5 Times)
1983 (5 Times)
1984-1985 (3 Times)
1986-1987 (2 Times)
1988 (2 Times)
1990 (1 TIme)
1992 (1 Time)
1993 (2 Times)

I did not see them at all during Blaze Bayleys time with the band as I was majorly disappointed my the albums and I deeply felt Blaze was the wrong choice of singer.

2000-2009 (7 Times)


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Embarrassingly I have only seen Maiden (as of now) once in my entire life Live which was when I was 12 after they released Dance of Death. That got me into Maiden and is why I am so excited for the new album AND new tour! I mean Dream Theatre supporting how epic can you get! When I saw them it was when funeral for a friend had just released their first material and were touring with Maiden.
Anyone heard the new single? Anyone got an opinion on it? ( for free download)
5 Times:

August 6, 2000: Brave New World Tour
July 21, 2003: Give Me Ed Till I'm Dead Tour
July 15, 2005: Early Days Tour at Ozzfest
October 6, 2006: A Matter of Life and Death Tour
June 21, 2008: Somewhere Back In Time Tour
Sadly, they haven't visited us too often down here in Australia over the years. First saw them on The World Slavery Tour in '85. Last time they were here in February 2008, they were magnificent. :edmetal:


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I have seen them three times live.I really wish i would seen them more.But the shows i did see were great!!!! :metal: