hello thread!


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Screamy said:
Hello my friends! :)

How are you all doing?

Frenchy, Rocky, how are families? :)
hiya Sreamy man,

family is ok, the little girl's growing well, she's at school now and she loves that !!!!!!

and 'bout you dear screamy :fist:


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I'm glad to hear that mate! :))))

I'm doing ok, some days are better than others, what else can I say? :)
I'm trying to live day by day! :)


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rockin_plumber said:
Hi Buddy :blaze:

Arent you out on a 21st Birthday party tonight :banana: :banana: :banana:
no killy is at Poitiers at School and already had a party last night until 6A.M with friends LOL LOL


Hi peeps :D been a while...again :oops: Life has been a bit nuts, i've changed jobs again, gone back to my old job and loving it :D
Just finished writing my cards...bloody hate doing that, left it til the last minute as usual, now have to remember to get stamps tomorrow and post them..... if they are late i'll blame the snow LOL