Happy Birthday rockin

My post was from last year LOL

At least I text u yesterday! lol... not gonna be rude about your age cos i'll be 30 ten next year :shock:

Hope u had a good day :grouphug:
Happy Birthday Rockin_plumber!!! eddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gif

Have an awesome day!! May you have all of the best beer and music this year and onwards!!! banana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon.gifbanana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon.gifbanana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon.gifbanana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon.gifbanana-riding-llama-smiley-emoticon.gif


It was hard to get the Dave Grohl gif to work in this post but it was totally worth it eddiebeer.gif
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Oh shit!! Sorry! That's the 1st time in years that I've forgotten! ..hangs head in shame...

Hope it was a good one ;)
Just looked a few posts up..was I mad?!..looking forward to be 30 ten o_O

40 ten is creepy up too bloody fast now!! lol