Guitar Hero: Iron Maiden

I'm not sure how many Guitar Hero fans are here, but I play it quite a lot. If you are a fan, then I'm sure that you know that they are making a Guitar Hero game comprised of all Aerosmith songs and with a few other bands sprinkled in. I figured that a game like this but with Maiden instead of Aerosmith would be cool, so I'm putting together a setlist of songs. The list has eight tiers, 5 songs in each tier, 3 of which are from Maiden. The other two bands of each tier have some association with band (opening act, played with, toured with, influence, etc.) and with each tier the difficulty gets increasingly larger.

I have already put together my first four tiers and made a YouTube video which can be found here. Below is the setlist so far:

Tier 1: Get Your Pick Ready
Iron Maiden-"The Clairvoyant"
Iron Maiden-"Quest for Fire"
Judas Priest-"Breaking the Law"
Encore: Iron Maiden-"Wasting Love"

Tier 2: Somewhere in the '80s
Iron Maiden-"22 Acacia Avenue"
38 Special-"Caught up in You"
Iron Maiden-"Iron Maiden"
Encore: Iron Maiden-"Can I Play With Madness"

Tier 3: Coming to Get You
Iron Maiden-"Wrathchild"
Avenged Sevenfold-"Strength of the World"
Kiss-"100,000 Years"
Iron Maiden-"Out of the Silent Planet"
Encore: Iron Maiden-"For the Greater Good of God"

Tier 4: Maiden! Maiden! Maiden!
Iron Maiden-"Run to the Hills"
Scorpions-"Rock You Like a Hurricane"
Iron Maiden-"The Trooper"
Deep Purple-"Highway Star"
Encore: Iron Maiden-"The Number of the Beast"
I figured I'd leave it up to you guys to help me make the last four tiers, so post what you think should be in here!

Also, I need names for the tiers. I know that the 7th one will be "Seventh Son of a Seventh Tier" and the last will be "Scream for Me!" but I need the 5th and 6th. I think that 6 will just be "The Number of the Beast", but I don't know, so give me any suggestions you have there, too.

XMaidenForeverX said:
Why should Avenged Sevenfold be counted as similar to Maiden?

They're wayyyyy different
Avenged Sevenfold were opening act on 2008 european tour and they played their version of Flash Of The Blade wich they recorded for the Maiden tribute if im not mistaken.