Good and not so good news


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Well you all know that i'm using my friend's computer with fast internet link. Very good news is he is going on holidays tomorrow. So from tomorrow afternoon or night I will use his computer full time. He will be away for 15-20 days.

I've set automatic power on after power failure in bios and I've persuaded him to enable automatic login (security is tight ;)). I'll put DC in startup folder. So, I hope that's means I don't have to go there after power failure and that computer will be 24/7 online.

Just tested and it works. I saw on remote screen message "Windows are shuting down in 1 minute ....", but they came up again.

Not so good news is that this can go on utill september. After that everyone (it's civil engineering faculty in Split) is coming back from holidays and I can't use connection for this. I'll try to arrange with him to use his computer over weekends (friday afternoon - monday morning CET).

Another good thing is i can run hub from 18:00-23:00 GMT in that period if you want Maniac.


i'll talk to bobo on dc at some point about what he needs etc. If he can't do it then Greenstreet, you can.