George lucas sued through Lucasarts?


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I just saw on a show entitled Celebrity Justice, that a 10 year old boy's parents have sued George Lucas through Lucasarts! The parents claims that playing Battlefront drove their son into a catatonic state. The parents say that the game's flashy effects almost killed their son. I will not put the boys name on here as it is not my place. The parents say that Battlefront is defectively designed. They also said that their son was playing the game when he suddenly had a seizure, he began foaming at the mouth and his lips turned purple. Lucasarts is the company that is on the docket.

What a bunch of crock huh? How is it GL or Lucasarts' fault that the kid had a seizure? It's the parent's fault for even buying the game in the first place. If the parents knew their son was a possible epileptic, why buy the game when you know it has flashes of light? If they didn't know, then how can you hold Lucasarts responsible for an epileptic having a seizure? You can't hold the company or GL responsible. This is another one of those pointless lawsuits and I hope the plaintiff loses. But I'm sure GL and Lucasarts will do what they can to help the boy, but in my opinion it is in no way the company's or GL's fault.

What next? Learning games sued for being too colourful?

Anyway, this has Jack Thompson written all ov--oh, wait..