General Football Thread


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Its only the Club World Champions Final....
Which would mean as well as being best in Europe....
Technically we are BEST IN THE WORLD :mad:

thingamajig :rolleyes:
We were always the best in the world and now other people know it fist.gif

They need to stop changing the names of things because I can't keep track of all these random cups o_O


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:cool: I hope you stopped and sang at the top of your voice....

He's a centre-half,
He's a number four,
Watch him defend,
And we watch him score,
He'll pass the ball,
Calm as you like,
He's Virgil van Dijk,
He's Virgil van Dijk…



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That wasn’t the result we wanted....
Another game to play o_O

But it will be a very team next game....

Klopp said club was told last April to 'respect winter break' and not arrange friendlies or any games. So he is taking this advice. No senior players available for cup replay.

Neil Critchley will manage LFC in replay. Will be U23 side as senior players have winter break.