General Football Thread


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rockin_plumber said:
Maybe you Croats are spelling it wrong :err:
MaidenMadness said:
i knew somebody would come in with a smart ass comment like that one :roll:
but no-one corrects me, why :?
please correct my english mistakes


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Frenchy said:
it was a bad day for you yesterday Ivan LOL LOL
just because of that? no. saturday evening was great

football is not my topic, I just wanted to say that maybe henry will be in zagreb


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rockin_plumber said:
:err: It seems like I've been picking on you... its nothing personal :grouphug:
oh no, it's alright
you finally picking up someone except of frenchy LOL


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first two matchdays of new croatian championship have been played while i was away


medjimurje - hajduk 0:2 (jelavic, busic)
hajduk - cibalija 2:0 (kranjcar, musa)

not playing all that good but hey we scored 4, conceeded 0 and won both games
thats what counts

and at last we have a good midfield that can do something with the ball besides the idea pass it to kranjcar and hope he does something special

things look good so far for us

i would go so far as to start singing that old song....svetog duje zvona zvone da pozdrave sampione :banana: