French Football league


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....other that the bloody "Schumacher thread" :x

Le Havre won 3-1 against Reims :D :banana: :banana:

1st at the plaçing :D of 2nd ligue :oops:


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rockin_plumber said:
I cannot see any need for this thread really........... :|

We have........

The Olympic Thread

The Euro 2004 Thread

The English Prenier League Thread

The F1 Thread

The Zidane Thread

The WWE Thread

The Tour De France Thread

The Wimbledon Thread

The WRC Thread

So rather than making a sports thread try and think of one other than what we already have maybe :|

For example you could have called this thread "French Football League" :roll:

lets merge all of them in one thread


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MaidenMadness said:
lets merge all of them in one thread
All the sport related threads :?

That would be a bit silly really..............

Maybe a sport forum but I think that was suggested by BoBo.

I think they do fine as they are :wink: