favourite sweets

rockin_plumber said:
* awaits pic of the oldest,with the biggest bald head,
biggest has-been french footballer of all times *


and what about Owen the hobbit :evil: :err:
wicker nomads son said:
haha you are going to get in trouble by mum when she sees that LOL LOL LOL

shes got steam coming out of her ears (shes just seen it) LOL LOL no not really shes laughing LOL LOL
the_nomad said:
and thatwhen you look down :D


I'm bad now :(
That pic so didn't help me in persuading him that it's a good idea! LOL

He's gotta go up..can't go to Paris and not go up the tower :|
Miss Bocky likes Chocolate Buttons, she' says they are small so they don't count...

I'm not sure exactly what she means :?