Favorite Eddy Look!


Post your favorite Eddie look! :D
First Eddy!

Killers Eddie!

Number Of The Beast Eddie!

Some Where In Time Eddie!

Life After Death Eddie!

WHOO! Go Eddie! :edmetal: :bananadance:


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the eddie off the '83 tour that walked on stage and got killed at the end . damn that was awesome :D id love it if they used it again :p
Here are my favorite ones:

Brave new world


7th son of the 7th son

No prayer for the dying

A matter of life and death

I was wondering,there are 6 people in the maiden band and there are 6 people on the amolad cover..do you think what I think??

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I don't really know whetever its the Killers Eddie (first Eddie for me too) or the Can i Play with Madness Eddie (i love that eat-soupy-brain-with-spoon thing)
killers Eddie all the way

i saw that cover and fell in love with it...kinda looks like me when i dont get my coffee in the morning

he just looks so damn cool 8)


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one favourite one is Somewhere In Time. This cover is fantastic. Specially when you look the front and the back entirely 8)

I passed so many hours to search all the details everywhere in the scenery. The Maiden history is told. Something like Killers Eddie lost in Blade Runner 8)