Favorite current Maiden guitarist

who is your favorite current guitarist?

  • Janick

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  • Davey

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  • H

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who do you personally think is Maiden's best guitarist at the moment?

i think Davey is probably my favorite. he has been with the band for so long and i have just gotten used to his style. i think they're all great, but if i had to choose....

Very difficult because their all great but if I have to go for one it would e for Adrian because he puts so much time into his songs and is always so cool onstage!


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Adrian adds class to Maiden 8)

I dont think I need to say anymore!

Adrian is Maidens best song writer, IMO. Him and Bruce are a force 8)

Girl Dickinson

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haaaa.... i'm confusing.. I love three... and they are great persons... but Adrian is lovely.... he has a charisma... his eyes are beatiful...



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O yeah, its true, Janick is a dancer and therefore i like him very much. And, his grandfather was soldier in Polish army, this is plus for me :) Now lets back to the topic. I say Dave.


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davey is the best ,live in cro in belisce,me and my friends call him "medeni "which means honey, he makes great faces when he is playing a solo :eek:


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Frenchy said:
Janick is more a dancer than a great guitarist :|
on last few albums i would say that he showed us that he's the only one who is good songwriter as steve. he and steve makes the best songs on last few albums. all the best songs on the last 3 albums are made by them. (DOD, DOM, The Legacy) IMO (but there is also great songs on the albums)
janick is the best guitar player songwriter.
but only guitar player?

really don't know
(maybe adrian)


i voted 4 jannick, i like his "acrobatics" with his guitar on stage and he plays very good guitar too :guitar: