Faulty Death On The Road DVD?


Well despite a massive wait for the Death on the Road DVD, it appears the DVD is now FAULTY and many users are reporting the disk crashing and showing visible picture quality problems. This was posted by gor on the official forum:

It's quite sad to say, but don't buy Death On The Road dvd until there is correct version available. The most worst thing is, that dvd might work in you dvd player, but when you put it into another dvd player you will notice problems.

Current problems Strereo disc:
- Problems with picture quality after or during the Brave New World

Current problems 5.1 disc:
- Some people have got problems with sound levels.

We are yet to hear if there will be a re-release of this DVD to fix these issues or how widespread they are but either way it's pretty shocking considering the amount of time that has been spent to get the quality just right.
If you have bought the DVD and experience problems you should be able to return it to your store for a full refund.


your experiences?
i planned to get it in next 10 days or so, but now, I think I'll wait for a while


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After extensive messing around with this crappy DVD :|

Lord Of The Flies seems the worst offender on my various players.
So this track shall be the subject matter.
None have Dolby 5:1 sound but that disc played fine and the sound &
picture didn't falter apart from not sounding very good but that was to be

Now for the Stereo Disc :|

Here goes..

Philips DVDR70.... Sound ok but bad pixilating at various points through track.

Durabrand DVD-420.... Picture and sound stops and stutters. Totally unwatchable.

Starlogic DVD868V50 (Multi Region).... Plays Fine

PC Samsung DVD ROM SD616T
Win Med Player 10..... Freezes,stops & stutters
Power DVD.... Sound Stutters but not too much.

PS2.....Works Fine

All in all totally unacceptable... but at least it plays on something so I am
able to watch if I feel the need. Strange it was the multi region player...
that only cost £25

I am very dissapointed though :|


Official Sanctuary statement:

Dave Pattenden, Sanctuary's Death On The Road project manager, gave an official statement directed to the fans about the DVD problems which recently surfaced.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Dave Pattenden and I've worked with Rod and the band here at Sanctuary for the past 8 years and owing to the seemingly technical, random and confusing nature of this problem Rod asked me to explain the situation.

Keep reading for the full story.

I want to say that as with any Iron Maiden product, EMI and Sanctuary ensure there is always stringent and thorough testing involved to make sure the product, the packaging and the content is the very best it can possibly be. Iron Maiden, as a band and we here at Management pride ourselves on producing such product for Maiden fans.

With the help of your postings and emails we have tried to ascertain what the issues are with the playback of the Stereo Disk on the PAL version of the Death On The Road DVD. I hasten to point out that there is NO issue at all with the NTSC versions of this product or indeed the 5.1 Pal Disk and Special Features Disk which makes things even more confusing as to why there appear to be playback issues on some of the PAL Stereo disks.

We currently have the authoring house, the encoding facility, the manufacturing plant in Holland and a stand-alone QC facility looking into this issue so we can work out how to rectify it. At this exact moment in time it's impossible to give the exact cause, nature and reason for this issue. The product was tested and passed all regular procedures and was also had to pass Mr. Harris's own eagle eyes which is often the hardest test to get past.

We went to great lengths with the encoding of the program and worked alongside one of the lead development and encoding teams in Sweden to make sure that the picture and sound were at the highest possible resolution without causing problems to the most basic home DVD systems. Because of the nature of the show and the difficulties of encoding flashing images, with smoke effects and fast editing anybody who has worked in DVD encoding will be aware of the lengths that need to reached to maintain the highest picture quality and that is what has taken the time on this product. This is why there are two separate concert disks. One for a 5.1 Dolby Digital audio stream and the other dedicated to a Stereo track. Many DVD releases from the major film studios nowadays only support 5.1 or DTS soundtracks with no stereo option at all but as a number of fans had mentioned it we decided to supply you with the extra stereo disk you had asked for and at no extra cost for this additional disk.

Test disks were also distributed in advance to the media for review purposes and no problems were reported, and it was only on Friday of last week, when product hit the shelves that any mention of a problem came up on the Bulletin board which of course rang alarm bells here but with the complex nature of the production of this DVD from filming, editing through to final encoding the origin of the issue is somewhat clouded in that the same problem cannot be replicated from DVD player to player.

It seems the likely possibility is that some players are having trouble handling the amount of information on this disk while other players can 'second guess' and thus play it normally. Each DVD Player and manufacturer is different which makes our job all the more difficult when trying to reach such high standards. I can safely say that I, and others here, have all experienced DVD's from major film companies that at one time or another have not played or have had glitches owing to authoring or manufacturing problems. In those cases often they simply direct you to your DVD player manufacturer.

It does appear from reports at retail that the vast majority of you that have bought the product have not experienced any problems at all, however we of course want to avoid any disappointment for the bands loyal following, no matter how few and once the issue has been identified and solved we will take the most swift and appropriate action to ensure that your enjoyment of Iron Maiden is not affected. Obviously the band and we here at Management want you to have the best as you deserve it and we are working all out to make sure that this matter is identified and resolved as soon as physically possible.
We will get back to you then with added information.


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sod the stereo mix i want to know why the 5:1 mix is borked the volume is up and down all the time, one minute their is bass then there nothing??


It has been a while since we have heard about the Death on the Road DVD. Since its release there have been many reports of faults particularly with the sound and EMI stated that the DVD would be replaced if the discs were returned.
According to whatrecords.co.uk, this is the latest:

Also I would like to give you a Death on the Road DVD update. Despite rumours
that it has been scrapped I can assure you it has not. So don't be tempted to
buy a faulty copy for lots of money. (I saw one recently for £70!!!!!) The
repress is going ahead. The reason it has taken longer is the insistance by the
band/management that the repress must be 100% perfect. I trust you understand
that and all orders placed with What Records are confirmed and will be shipped
as soon as it arrives. I will obviously update you when I have a definite date.
Please do not worry about your order or those of you who are waiting for a
replacement disc...YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. In fact I would like to thank you for
your understanding and paitence.


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Glad I didnt buy this now!

I reckon its Steves lightening fast editing, its so fast he just messed up all the DVDs!

Didnt DOTR DVD come with a epilepsy warning? :shock: LOL


Ben said:
Didnt DOTR DVD come with a epilepsy warning? :shock: LOL
yep, it did, but it obviously isn't THAT bad... :D

...having in mind that i'm writing this 5 months after buying this DVD (and watching it regulary) LOL


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Ben said:
Glad I didnt buy this now!

I reckon its Steves lightening fast editing, its so fast he just messed up all the DVDs!

Didnt DOTR DVD come with a epilepsy warning? :shock: LOL
rock in rio is hilarious for that