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The package was fine :cool:

To stay on topic, fuck the asshole in charge of the postal service. He was put in there by the orange shit gibbon and he's been trying to destroy it ever since :mad::mad::mad:
I hope there's a special place in hell for roommates who jump in the bathroom and take a leisurely shit while you're trying to get ready for work :rolleyes:
I just found the plant with the original spider mite infestation. It has been banished to another room until I figure out how to get rid of the mites :rolleyes:
Can the CTA stop fucking up? Yesterday there was a major problem with the trains in the evening. Today it was both the morning and afternoon. :mad:

I had to take a ride share to work this morning because of it. I don't like spending that much money but I would have been late for work if I hadn't :mad::mad::mad:

Now I'm very hungry and waiting for the train home and no idea when it will come. This shit is supposed to be at a maximum of 17 minutes apart :rolleyes:
My laptop that's only a couple years old is breaking! :mad: This rubber strip came off the bottom and a bunch of screws fell out. I was able to get one of them back in but the others disappeared. The case has cracked along that same line though. If I try to close it the case no longer closes flat.

Oh wait, I just realized the screw that I thought got back in has just fallen out again :mad::mad::mad: Piece of shit!