Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far!

Well the only stuff I've got to share is 4 concert videos all in VOB format and they're Montreal 1983, Paris 1986, Philadelphia 1987, and Donington 1988 (All Maiden). In terms of audio I have the two disc presssing of #4 Live In Troy, New York by Iron Maiden but I don't have a software that rips cds into a lossless audio format. I also have no idea how to upload things onto the hub and all that type of stuff. I'm just generally confused!
We share DVDs with the Video_TS folder. We already have those shows shared in the hub. But as I told you there is no problem if you have nothing to share first. In DC++ you don't upload bootlegs, you share them. You create a folder where you put all your downloaded bootlegs in an then you add it to your hub share.

How Dc++ work you can find here:

Or you can visit the new Hub forum here where you can find more detailed informations how it works:

There we also have a guid how to rip cd bootlegs into lossless format.
Thanks a bunch! I'm going to have to seriously consider applying(I guess thats what it would be called) to the DC++ Hub now. But how would I go about sharing bootlegs that no one has already already put up? Would I have to go out and tape them myself?