Best Maiden period?

Which Maiden period do you find the best?

  • The early days

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  • The reunion and present years

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iron aris

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Which Maiden period do you find the best?
In other words do you prefer the early and golden years with the heavier music and rougher style or do you prefer their present situation when they are regarded as legends and have created more progressive heavy metal songs.

Personally i prefer the second one because of Bruce differences in style and voice(short hair,more mature voice) but mainly because after the reunion they are incredible.In addition now they are acknowledged as THE BEST of all time.
Victor Cezar said:
I was just going to say exactly the same thing. 8)
I will 3rd it!!!

1984 - 1988 !!!!!

But, the 21st Century albums are as awesome as we could ever dream!!!

I can't believe that we have three brand new Masterpieces to enjoy, it's great!
I thought about this thread one time today, and I had to come back and add a few things.

"Live", the guys are better! It's unbelieveable, I know, but it's so true!
Listen to the difference between 'Live After Death's' version of 'Wrathchild' and then listen to 'Death On The Road's' version! The three axe wizards are able to do so much more, and it shows.
Or take Bruce Dickinson's vocals on '05's Early Days version of 'Remember Tomorrow' - stunning!

Also, the last three "21st Century" albums are so awesome all-the-way-thru.

So, to put out three masterpiece records in a row is just as strong as the '84 - '88 run.

I can't wait to see what the next album brings!

I think that I voted "Early" just because I lived those awesome times deep in the world of Maiden, and was totally blown away.
Yet, here I am, still a fan, and am equally blown away!!!

Maiden is my band forever!!!!!


I'm finding this one really hard to answer :?

Can't take away the fact that 84 - 88 were awesome 8)

But AMOLAD is up there with my favourite albums, so I can't vote :err:


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my first post here just to say i prefer the early period. By early i mean the Di Anno years (the first two LPs were the best ever). Old Maiden had the raw power which they lost as they turned to a supergroup. Dickinson era is more quality but Di Anno is more heartfelt.