Best ever maiden gig you've seen


Hmm...hard choice. I'd have to say Donington 2003 and Earl's Court 2003 has a shared first place. Both were fantastic!
When was your best ever maiden gig?

At graspop 2003 in belgium, from what i can remember in the two hours, they played "22 Acacia Avenue". "Two minutes to Midnight", "The Trooper", Revelations", "Hallowed Be Thy Name", the new song "Wildest Dreams", "The Wicker Man", Brave New World", "The Clansman", "The Clairvoyant", "Heaven Can Wait", "Fear Of The Dark", "Iron Maiden", "Die with your Boots On" and as an encore they played "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter" and "Run To The Hills".
If I say "Earls Court 2003" it isnt cheating, because thats the only one I've been to? :)
Until last week I hadn't seen them before :( Saw them twice last week :D

Out of Manchester and Earls Court....Manchester was the better gig...Both were fantastic though :banana: :banana:
ive only been to donnigton 2003 and glasgow earlier this month, although donnigton had a better set glasgow was better cause i was right at the front it was amazing
I've only been in two gigs, both this year, and I think Gimme Ed... World Tour -gig at Helsinki was a lot better than the new Dance of Death -gig. But at DoD-gig the show was better, at the Gimme Ed -gig the atmosphere was better than the DoD-gig's.

+ It was freezing outside while waiting the DoD-gig to begin and I was standing there for an hour (many even longer) for the doors to open. But... It was worth it.
I´ve seen maiden live just 2 times, both in Helsinki, both in this year. The first one was the GMETID tour gig, liked it a lot, but I had soooo bad seat, from the upper level and far from stage. Second was the DOD gig in Helsinki (at last!) 21.12.03. Got tickets to the moshpit and had great time !
So I can´t really tell you the better one, Its 60-40 for the DOD gig, but if I were on the moshpit at the GMETID gig, it would differ.
Helsinki 2003, Dance of Death Tour gig is the best that I've been so far. 8) In my oppinion this gig was better than the one in Give Me Ed Tour, but we all have our own oppinions. I think it's mostly because the stage and the setlist was better now than in the summer, and the crowd was maybe a bit louder now... :headbang:
I´ve seen them twice so far at Helsinki: Give Me Ed...´Til I´m Dead Tour & Dance Of Death Tour.

DOD gig was much better. Propably because I got a ticket into the pit where atmosphere is 1000 times better than in the seating area. :D But still, liked the setlist more. I was only missing Revelations from summer...
Has to be 7th Tour at Wembley Arena, December '88.