Banning Pitbulls?


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This is a thing that bothers me, and we were talking about it in economics class, go to her.

Legislation To Ban Dangerous Breed, Increase Dog Owners' Responsibility

TORONTO — The McGuinty government is making our communities safer and responding to the concerns expressed by thousands of Ontarians by introducing legislation this fall to ban pit bulls in the province, Attorney General Michael Bryant announced today.

"People want to be protected from the menace of these dangerous dogs," said Bryant. "Some of these dogs are nothing but a loaded weapon waiting to go off and so we are taking action to make our communities safer."

Bryant will introduce legislation this fall to amend the Dog Owners' Liability Act. The legislation, if passed, would:

* Ban pit bulls
* Muzzle existing pit bulls, impose other province-wide restrictions to improve public safety, and allow municipalities to impose appropriate controls
* Increase fines up to a maximum of $10,000 and allow for jail sentences of up to six months for owners of any dangerous dog that bites, attacks, or poses a threat to public safety.

If passed, the legislation would allow for a transition period for existing pit bulls. During this time, owners would be required to comply with strict new requirements for continued ownership.

Bryant said the proposed ban is meant to be supportive of municipal governments, and that this proposed bill respects the municipality's authority under the Municipal Act. This comprehensive approach would avoid a patchwork of bans.

"I support the province's swift action," said David Miller, Mayor of Toronto. "This problem is not exclusive to any single municipality, it is a province-wide issue and therefore the best solution is a province-wide strategy to keep Ontarians safe from dangerous dogs."

"My officers have encountered a number of dangerous situations involving pit bulls," said Julian Fantino, Chief of Toronto Police Service. "This proposed ban will help my officers and police services across Ontario keep our community safe from dangerous dogs."

"The ban of pit bulls that Kitchener has had for the past seven years is helping to keep our community safer from a breed that has demonstrated undesirable, aggressive behaviour," said Carl Zehr, Mayor of Kitchener. "I believe that every Ontarian deserves this level of safety and am pleased that the provincial government will introduce legislation that will, if passed, ban pit bulls province-wide."

"Our experience in Winnipeg has been one of success," said Tim Dack, Chief Operating Officer of the Animal Services Agency of the City of Winnipeg. "We have seen the number of pit bull incidents decline dramatically since introducing a pit bull ban 14 years ago. I applaud the Government of Ontario for their decision to ban pit bulls and deal with this urgent public safety issue."

"I feel safer knowing that the Ontario government has taken steps to protect us from the extreme danger posed by pit bulls," said Diana Fischer, a victim of a pit bull attack. "The particular problem with pit bulls is the inability to stop them once they have started to attack, the viciousness of their attack and the seriousness of the injuries they inflict. I know this based on my experience as a trainer - through which I've dealt with hundreds of dogs - and my experience being attacked by a pit bull who was trying to kill my own dogs."

"I commend the McGuinty government for moving forward quickly on this very important initiative," said Rod Morrison, Mayor of Wawa. "Protecting the public from the menace of pit bulls and toughening up on owners of dangerous dogs that attack is in the best interest of all people, in every town, city and community across Ontario."

"With today's announcement, we are proposing serious action to respond to the concerns of people worried about their personal safety," said Bryant. "Our government is committed to protecting all Ontarians from these highly unpredictable dogs."

Their final goal is to ban them compleatly. Whats' next?


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Ridiculous. They should look at banning various humans first. These dogs, like any other problem in this world, are a likely result of human interference and/or negligent behaviour, mostly for selfish gain.

Whatever act any type of animal does, no matter how shocking, aggressive or otherwise, will always be outdone by a human somewhere on the planet.
thats so gay! my dog is half pitbull and she's the sweetest thing ever. its not the animal thats evil, its the person that raised it. :x some people are just so dumb


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the_fugitive said:
its not the animal thats evil, its the person that raised it.
100% agreed.

When I take my dog (A Golden Retriever) out for a walk, alot of the time we see a Doberman, and its soft as butter!

Its the owner, not the dog, thats a fact


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Ben said:
100% agreed.

When I take my dog (A Golden Retriever) out for a walk, alot of the time we see a Doberman, and its soft as butter!

Its the owner, not the dog, thats a fact

I totally agree. But lets play a scenario ; dog feels scared, for whatever reason, not brought on by the person. He snaps at a child who happens to be in the room.


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Maybe the child could be tormenting the dog. Or the kid could even be scared, dogs pick up on that.

I think banning a dog is ridiculous though :|


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I think that eceryone's right....if a dog, regardless of it's breed, is trianed by the owner to protect a family from outsiders, then that dog will attack anyone who it is not familier with.
It's rediculous banning a certain breed of dog. The viciousness of the pit bull, does not show that it is an 'unpredictable' dog. Mearly that if that dog has been trained to protect it's owner, it's loyal and will do anything to protect them.
People have to understand that dogs do actually have feelings.
Like the scenario that Rockhardchick666 brought up, these people who are talking about banning dogs have to realise that a dog will attack if it feels threatened. Especially if it cannot figure out what it's feeling scared about.

The government shouldn't be talking about banning dogs, but more owners, training them to attack to kill.