banned when i ask for help


New Member
I have been banned and it say because share something not good for this hub. I understand but i was trying to be helped to make and stay at the hub correctly. Im not english and some things i dont understand, thats why i was asking for help. I realy want to be part of this hub, please, how can i be back and get helped for someone to do it good and have all the items good?
thanks and sorry for my english.



I saw that you asked for help. And normally when I see stuff in the share that is not allowed, we ask first to remove it.

But when seeing your share, I was shocked. It was full of NAZI music like Störkraft and alot more. We don't want those racial music in the hub. And we don't want people in the hub who listen to this kind of music. That's why you have been banned from the hub without warning or asking to remove this stuff.

The exact ban message is: "This is a lossless bootleg hub! Your share is full of stuff we don't want here, just to be nice! Wrong Hub for you!"

That's all! I hope you understand now, that you have no future in the hub, even if you would remove this shit music. So answering your question, there is nothing you can do to be part of this hub.