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    I`m Making A Compilation Of Wacken 2003!

    i know , i thought i`d put them on there anyway. what do you think of my setliat so far?
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    I`m Making A Compilation Of Wacken 2003!

    the studio versions of all the bands at wacken. I`ll keep you posted as time goes on. so far it`s 1.Slayer - Angel Of Death 2.Iced Earth - Melancholy 3.Running Wild - Welcome To Hell 4.Stratovarius - Eagleheart 5.In Flames - Clayman 6.Gamma Ray - Valley Of The Kings 7.Testament - True Believer
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    Favourite Track From DoD?

    Post Yee Voots Here Peeps
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    You have to be a member to read lyrics

    Best lyrics i ever heard. Paschendale is amazing :shock:
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    Best Song Off Live At Donington 1992?

    Post your Votes here
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    The Forum

    I Love the forum . Now that it has general chat it`s even better than the original BB[/b]
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    donnigton covers?

    Are the proper ones done by veguetta?
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    I`ve got doington 2003 pm me if you want me to send it to you
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    Great Forum!!!!
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    Re: Forums Good & Bad Traders & Maiden Talk
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    Earls Court

    I was orginally going to earls court but then i decided to go to NEC because theres better sound quality,views and parking :twisted:
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    Your Top 10 Bootlegs?

    What are your 10 best bootlegs and why? :?: