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    Shocked Thread

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    incubus - dig. :D
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    Show thyself

    oh how i have changed. :P these photos onlyreally say one thing. i like sunglasses.LOL
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    dream theater - black clouds and silver linings. rusko discography.
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    express your anger here

    asda smartprice keyboard. got it yesterday, and fucksake it's horrible. the spac ebar just doesn't pop back up afteri press it. typing islike playing a really annoying game.
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    How many times have you seen Maiden play live?

    seen them twice. 2006 in scotland. 2008 in england. :D
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    Show thyself

    Kickin ass on my el basstardo geetar.
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    chewing gum? :?
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    now thinking

    i seem to show up here when people leave :err: it's all a conspiracy!
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    hello thread!

    Hello? Hello?
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    Ashes Divide - The Stone :D
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    weather :D

    Dull :D it was fucking roasting yesterday, though :shock:
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    Show thyself

    Frenchy is right :D Rockin can fuck off LOL
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    What Gigs Are you going to?

    Shush with yir stereotypical nonsense.
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    Show thyself

    Megadeth in February: Guess which one i am, i dare you.