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    Fav. football club

    I really don't see the point in changing the names. Make things confusing. Let's not forget that the premiership is actually the Division 1. Well to me, coca-cola championship will be known as division 1.
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    Mozart-Symphony 40 in G minor :banana:
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    English premier league

    Rooney has arrived here!! Wahahahah. :D So rockin, what do you think of Owen's transfer?
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    The things me and my friends talk about

    You guys are sick LOL LOL cosby?? :(
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    Holland vs Sweden(results)

    Holland won on penalties. 6-5 The match is a thriller!! on Ex time, Sweden struck the post 2 times with Ljungberg and Larsson. I hope Holland won and they won!! :banana:
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    express your anger here

    Damn!!My cat peed in my Ps2 games collection and i had to smell and throw the smelly ones. In the end i threw 200 games out of 300!!!! :x :x :x
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    Today, return of the_nomad(normally)

    Clever MaidenMadness, Clever. :D
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    13/6 France 2, England 1 [RESULT IN] Damn it

    It should be a boring game considering the hype. But i think France will win 2-1
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    Uplifting, happy songs.

    Wishing well-Black sabbath Don't know why, but i feel happy listening to that song
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    band you like but are shamed to admit it

    I listened to a J-rock band like The yellow monkey. They are basically hair-metal type of band but have these guitar harmonies like maidens. They are the band that introduced me to maiden. They covered Wrathchild and after hearing it i was curious but did not check maiden out. Then years later i...
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    Wishing well- Black sabbath
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    Black sabbath-war pigs(live reunion)
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    lets do sth usefull in the name of the band

    I bet we could not last two days!!
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    lets do sth usefull in the name of the band

    We could don't get online for one week to save electricity. :D
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    Maiden-fans against racism

    And as a result, scums flocked to maiden-world (shit!!) (signed) :D