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    about Maiden in general chat

    im going to the maiden show in seattle june 2nd :banana: and i was wondering, does anyone know who the opening act is? :|
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    Tour 2008 - somewhere back in time

    im so amped for this. im so happy they are coming close enough for me too go see them... :banana: :edheadbang:
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    Which is your favorite Maiden tune out of these?

    rime....edgeing out hallowed & aces :headbang:
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    hello thread!

    heh...finally someone knows where i took my name from. about damn time :D
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    king diamond or mercyful fate?

    which "king" band do you like better? ive been a king/fate fan almost as long as maiden & its a tough call....but i think his solo stuff edges out the fate stuff. love them both, but for me its K.D. by a hair
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    hello thread!

    heh..thanks for the welcome :banana: :D
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    hello thread!

    hello all. i go by mindcrime, im from the u.s.a. & ive been a maiden fan for so long, that i bought the 1st album on vinyl, when it was new! yes, im that old. anyway, looking foward to visiting with all of you. up the irons!! :trooper: