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    you know what...... i'm happy

    whats that in civilized (kg) units of measure?
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    What Gigs Are you going to?

    not really going to but not so long ago was at iced earth and saxon double headliner show. great concert. iced earth rocked but saxon just stole the show. the old git biff byford is a fuckin legend
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    The Formula One Thread

    wow i didn't know the time between my visits was being tracked by you :P anyways wtf happened on here? something changed :shock:
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    The Formula One Thread

    he he couldn't have happened to a nicer guy :banana:
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    Bye Bye Thread

    bah i'm off as well. see you again in the future.
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    beh women drivers..... :P a year ago or something like that i was driving along the freeway and i was driving in the lane for overtaking. there was this car infront of me and suddenly it turns on all 4 signaling lights and comes to an immediate stop in the lane for overtaking. i hit the brake...
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    hello thread!

    and the third eye on my forehead :D
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    hello thread!

    was thinking of becoming a hindu then i'd have to wear that turban on my head and i could hide my hair under it :D
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    hello thread!

    work in an it department... and yeah my boss is making me get a haircut and wear suit + tie :cry: ps was jon informed that smileys on the side don't work
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    hello thread!

    finished uni. starting work on 1st september. am gonna have to get a hair cut :cry: what made me remember you guys well the maiden show. and now i have to download something for my friend who can't take dsl due to lazy t-com that doesn't want to upgrade the lines where he lives so he can...
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    Now Playing

    some band called hailing star - lost heroes giving it a first listen
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    hello thread!

    doesn't everyone :D anyways whats new haven't seen you lot in a while... well i haven't seen you lot once in my lifetime but you know what i mean...
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    hello thread!

    brilliant show and you think? got drunk and don't remember the show?
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    hello thread!

    good day for us cros as well we've beaten alpine serbs (slovenians) in slovenia :) evening ben anyways was in split on a maiden concert 10 days ago so i remembered you guys
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    Shocked Thread

    nothing :err: