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    Best Bruce Dickinson solo album?

    I love 'Balls To Picasso' and 'Accident Of Birth' :edmetal:
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    Best all time song (Fear Of The Dark)

    Fear Of The Dark!!!
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    I have these ones and it's sounds great!!! 1981.04.28 - Killing Time 1982.06.29 - New York Palladium 1983.12.18 - Brain Damage Over Dortmund 1988.11.27 - Maiden England 1990.12.18 - War Machine <<--- this one is awesome 1992.07.25 - Fear of Agentina 1993.08.28 - Bye Bye Bruce...
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    Locking for bots of the x-factor south american tour

    Try this link: Iron Maiden Teatro Monumental (1996) Enjoy!
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    Worst Album????

    I love Killers!!!! Is one of my favourites... It has grat songs like Purgatory, Killers, Wrathchild, Genghis Khan, Twilight zone, Drifter..... I love these songs :evil:
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    Favourite Track From DoD?

    Dance Of Death and No More Lies
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    I like "Wasting Love", "22 Acacia Avenue" and "The Prisioner" solos Powerslave's solo is nice too. in these songs: The Trooper The Evil That Men Do Futureal 22 Acacia Avenue (partial in the end) both solos are played by Adrian and Janick and sounds Great!!! but the solo on...
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    Be quick or be dead

    I love that song... but I don't think they will gonna play it live again.