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    Can't connect to the hub. target machine actively refused it

    Down again since yesterday, or is it my connection that is acting up ?
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    It happened on August 16th, 2007

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    Just to check who is checking this subforum ...

    I'm checking here too, alltho i must admit i use the !messread alot more Up The Irons
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    2007-01-14 18:31 Hub down ?

    Hi. Am i the only one who can't connect to the hub ? Up The Irons /Fromm
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    Won't be on the hub for 1 week ...

    Have fun til the offline world till then :)
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    Revision of membership

    A nice discution this has lead too, and alot of great possibilities how to solve the missing life in the hub so far. Its always hard to throw people out. For the last 3 months or so, i have been less active in the hub chat, mainly due to 2 reasons 1. Work and study 2. The screw with no...
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    Revision of membership

    I havent been very active the last couple of months, since i've away from my computer, which runs my DC++. I'm am however back, and should help sharing all the new boots as soon as i get them.
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    I can help share new bootlegs

    Just got my line upgraded, so i can now help share the new bootlegs (i have 4Mib/768Kib)... This will hopefully help take some of the pressure of Babyzak, and edhunter... Just PM the user Fromm i can download via ftp or using the hub. I might be able to set up and ftp server also, so you...
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    Hello Old Friends

    Everyone is getting that message at the moment Even tho i don't know you, welcome back :)
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    LAD 85, Maiden England 88, Donington 92 Laserdisc XP DVDs!

    I for one, is very interrested in all 3 of them. The one i want the most, would have to be Donny 92, since i havent got it one DVD yet.
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    Please help me complete my DMM lossless collection.

    I have now shared all. but DMM01, i can't find that one...
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    Please help me complete my DMM lossless collection.

    k, i'm going to easter hollyday tomorrow, so i'll share them sometime next week. /regards, a very drunken Fromm
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    Please help me complete my DMM lossless collection.

    Have this one on CDR ( can rip with EAC ) Have this, in what i think is the original files Write back if your still interrested
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    Away from march 25th until april 11th

    Have a nice easter holliday