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    Best all time song (Iron Maiden)

    PROWLER!! got to be! that is the best intro to a cd ever! first time i put it in, my hairs stood up all over my body from the pure, raw power of that song, one of the best in existance. \nn/ ^_^ \nn/
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    Worst Album????

    :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o WAAAAAA!!!???? :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o got it for crimbo!! all i can say is WOW, best album imo!! :banana:
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    Yo guys, if you own an xbox, and have a broad band connection (128k at the minimum) check out this web site: you can play system link xbox games online for absolutly free!! ive been a member for over a month now, and it dont half put life back on old games...
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    Worst Album????

    Blaze was the worst of the lot!!!!!!!!!! wat are you talking about!!?
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    Worst Album????

    No its just a coincidence, i looked at the official iron maiden site, and looked at how high each album got got in the charts, almost every other album is in the top 3. But these two were way below the rest.
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    best title song

    I havent voted, cant decide between Fear Of The Dark, DOD or Brave New World! all are top songs! But if its fear of the dark LIVE, then its a different question altogether.........
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    Worst Album????

    I dunno i dont own um! LOL
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    Why Maiden?

    Ive only recently been hooked, i borrowed Edward The Great off a mate of mine, LOVED it, baught DOD and went to see them at cardiff. Still got that ticket from that momentous day! I now own copies of Number of the beast Dance Of Death and Iron Maiden. Thought about SSOASS but i got half the...
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    Free T-Shirts here!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just like to say KILLERS, you have one kick ass signeture!! Why didnt you use lyrics from "killers" though? :?
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    Favourite Track From DoD?

    Dance of Death, of course... im the Dancer :wink:
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    Favourite Album

    Di'Anno would b brillient, but i really dont like his style of singing. (its the aww's and oooh's) if you dont get me, take phantom of the opera, "your the phantom of the opera, your the devil your just out to scaaare-ooooh" i think it just buggers up his lyrics. :roll:
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    Trooper on a website!

    Yes its true, i found a website that playes the trooper in midi format, and it sounds SOOO cool! just click the link below and wait a few seconds for it to load. so good! :banana:
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    what song(s) would you like that Maiden play live again ?

    Got it. 13.49 minutes, massive song. Goes on a while. How long is the other version. only got this one.
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    Personally i think its Infinite Dreams, the dual playing ROCKS :D
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    best dod concert

    I saw Iron Maiden at Cardif. It was my very first concert, and i think it will always be the best. Untill another Maiden tour comes around!