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    It happened on August 16th, 2007

    Congratulations!!! :D :banana:
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    Happy New Year !!!

    I want to wish all my fellow hub members and friend and HAPPY and SAFE New Year :banana:
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    Welcome lossless people :)

    WOW !! :shock: Time Flies when your having fun and hanging out with GOOD people. To many more good years :cheers:
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    I Think I broke The hub ???

    :? All I did was release My Toronto DVD and The Hub went down :shock: OOPPSS ..Sorry... When it Comes back up the Toronto DVD 2006 is shared
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    Revision of membership

    Maybe They are waiting to see what you are willing to do to contribute? Maybe they want to see what ideas you have..Maybe they are waiting to see if you do ANYTHING or if you are just waiting to see if they will let you d/l and then leave? I know your upset, and I understand but you need to...
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    Being told what to do..doesn't show motivation. Coming up with your OWN ideas of what You are ABLE to do is a better idea. That way you know what will work with your life style. Only you know how much time and effort you can or want to put into the HUB. One of the problems I have seen, and...
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    Revision of membership

    What Im taking about is I can see which MISSING MEMEMBERS have D/L MY share and taken it from MY share the only way they will no its in MY share is to troll this thread. I have never stated that it didn't come from dime , hell oit was post in main chat where it was. 3 other members d/l from...
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    Revision of membership

    I be willing bet your wrong..Some of the members will not reply because they don't want to draw attenetion to themselves.They know they are the ones BoBo is talking about and they are trying to "FLY UNDER THE RADAR" . Lets see what happens when the first new Boot is shared PS: Hartford...
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    Revision of membership

    5 Releases in a year ..that not bad :) We have members that have been here longer and shared much less. Your making an effort, and you have a plan of what will help the hub :) Your sharing alot in your share, your sharing requests, youtr bring what you can into the hub . I think your...
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    Revision of membership

    If you look at the forums on IMOC or MAIDEN FAN UNITED some of the people bring more to the Chat Forums then some Hub members bring to OUR Hub :( They bring Cover art, Magazine interviews, links to COOL sites, Links to YOURTUBE videos, helpful advise, There is a lot of EFFORT by some these...
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    Revision of membership

    I TOTALLY AGREE ..I Dont understand how you cant bring ANYTHING to the hub..The Hub is almost 3 years old and some people bring nothing in 3 years??? :? I think this is one of the Problems BoBo will be taking care of.. Again I Totally agree, your quite smart you know that :D , My Share has...
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    Revision of membership

    Welcome Back :D Thats a good idea but may not be pratical..some people have limited HD space. I think that 2 weeks is good to be shared then it should be available if someone ask for it to be shared. What i do is leave the folder stating what it is and leave a message PM if needed to be...
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    Revision of membership

    Hello All Its taken me a while to figure out how I felt on this matter. I myself have not taped a show in MANY,MANY Years. I have not had the time in a while (due to family situations) to properly due Mail trades.So the hub was a great situation for me,I can get new stuff. Being one of the...
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    Ghost won't let me in !!!

    A ghost won't let me in the hub..BoBo Please help.. My nicks been taken LET ME IN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!