Virtual XI

Do you have 'The Wicker Man' single?

On it is Bruce doing some Blaze very well!!!

Futureal is great either way, but, I really enjoy Bruce's version with the band. ("live" makes it nice too)

The original is fine, it's just that I enjoy the single too!

You probably want a studio version, eh?


Nah, i think the songs were better with Blaze

I listened to Futureal with Bruce singing on youtube recently, and he basically buggers it up

On Rock In Rio, Bruce's rendition of the Clansman is alright, but it was much more suited to Blaze's gruff vocals.....


Maiden1986 said:
this album can be great if Bruce was on vocals.
i wish they would re-do this album with bruce.
Hey, dude... you just read my mind! Also you can't but agree that it would be fantastic if Iron Maiden re- do The x factor?

UP THE IRONS! :edmetal:


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Way underrated album!
Would love it if Bruce tried When two worlds collide or Lightning strikes twice sometime! :)


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underated album!!
shame the TAATG tune isn't like 100 minutes shorter, it feels like 100 minutes after you've got to the end!
clansman is my fave song off the album.


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if you ask me the blaze era is often overlooked
just because his vocals are a different style to bruces that doesnt make them necessarily bad
futureal, clansman, when 2 worlds collide, angel and gambler, comos estais amigos all great songs


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Virtual XI is very good, realy. I hated that album but now...
Listen :
Futureal, Lighithng strikes Twice, The clansman, COMO ESTAIS AMIGO


Virtual XI is ok.

There are some good songs. Angel adn Gambler not one of them. There are a few songs that Bruce could do better... Lighting Strikes Twice is one of them, but Blaze has got it going on with his solo stuff. The last two albums are fantastic. The Clansman and Educated Fool are my faves from this record.

I just wish Paul D'Ianno would release an album with some young band and redo his classic Remember Tomorrow...

umm... :roll: