The things me and my friends talk about


BubbaBoooze: lets make bets on who the next celebrity to die is
SirLardsAlot87: alright, first, let's see who has died so far
BubbaBoooze: ok
SirLardsAlot87: Quorthon, Reagan, Ray Charles, Brando, that lady from The Jerrefsons, Rick James (bitch!)
BubbaBoooze: was there any more?
SirLardsAlot87: i think that's it
BubbaBoooze: ok
BubbaBoooze: brady thinks the next will be ozzy
SirLardsAlot87: hmm it's a good guess
BubbaBoooze: my guess is bill cosby haha
SirLardsAlot87: but I think Ozzy is a good guess it might be him
SirLardsAlot87: haha ive spent the last couple minutes looking for a pattern
BubbaBoooze: hahaha
SirLardsAlot87: Quorthon - White musician
Reagan - White President
Ray Charles - Black musician
Brando - White actor
that lady from The Jeffersons - Black actor
Rick James - Black musician
SirLardsAlot87: so, the next in line will be either a white president, or a while musician
SirLardsAlot87: white*
BubbaBoooze: no no a white actor
SirLardsAlot87: oh, yes!
BubbaBoooze: hahaha
BubbaBoooze: ok
BubbaBoooze: well the president would be jimmy carter
SirLardsAlot87: actor would be Pacino
BubbaBoooze: and the white actor would be kirk douglas
SirLardsAlot87: or Nickelson
BubbaBoooze: cause hes old
SirLardsAlot87: haha who's kirk douglas?
SirLardsAlot87: NO!
SirLardsAlot87: Woody Allen
SirLardsAlot87: hmm cant say I recognise anything he's been in haha
BubbaBoooze: hes micheal douglases' dad
SirLardsAlot87: ah
BubbaBoooze: notice how he looks just like him haha
SirLardsAlot87: alright, well, according to MY calculations, I say Woody Allen
BubbaBoooze: no way
BubbaBoooze: kirk douglass
SirLardsAlot87: alright fine
SirLardsAlot87: you say Kirk
SirLardsAlot87: I say Woody
BubbaBoooze: no no no
BubbaBoooze: wait nevermind hes black
SirLardsAlot87: hah
BubbaBoooze: hold on i will rethink my decision
BubbaBoooze: but kirk douglass is old
BubbaBoooze: the pope
SirLardsAlot87: hmm, what movies has he been in?
SirLardsAlot87: :p
BubbaBoooze: the pope?
SirLardsAlot87: yeah
BubbaBoooze: let me see
BubbaBoooze: this is what he's been in
SirLardsAlot87: aaaahhaahhahaaha
BubbaBoooze: haha
BubbaBoooze: it counts
SirLardsAlot87: damnit
BubbaBoooze: nah ill stick with kirk
SirLardsAlot87: alright haha
SirLardsAlot87: i'm with Wody
SirLardsAlot87: Woody
BubbaBoooze: haha ok
SirLardsAlot87: we'll have to explain my little pattern to Brady
BubbaBoooze: haha yeah
BubbaBoooze: its awesome dude
SirLardsAlot87: haha what makes that even awsomer
SirLardsAlot87: is that i've had this pattern going in my head for days :-D
BubbaBoooze: hahaha
Oh dear. I was laying in bed, and I remembered something, so I ran back out to the computer ...

SirLardsAlot87: fuck dude
SirLardsAlot87: our calculations are all messed up
BubbaBoooze: why
SirLardsAlot87: well, while just laying in bed, I remembered Jerry Goldsmith died last week
BubbaBoooze: FUCK!
BubbaBoooze: white musician
SirLardsAlot87: Quorthon - White musician
Reagan - White President
Ray Charles - Black musician
Brando - White actor
that lady from The Jeffersons - Black actor
Jerry Goldsmith - White Musician
Rick James - Black musician
BubbaBoooze: that fucks it all up
SirLardsAlot87: no!
SirLardsAlot87: that's helped
BubbaBoooze: ohhh
BubbaBoooze: so a president is next
BubbaBoooze: wait
BubbaBoooze: no...
SirLardsAlot87: no, its gotta be a black guy
SirLardsAlot87: white white black white
black black white (next)
SirLardsAlot87: gotta be black
BubbaBoooze: oh ok!
BubbaBoooze: so then i can say morgan freeman
SirLardsAlot87: haha
SirLardsAlot87: hm
SirLardsAlot87: fuck, I've narrowed my selection down to 3 people
BubbaBoooze: and bill cosby
SirLardsAlot87: Danny Glover, Bill Cosby, and David Allen Grier
BubbaBoooze: haha david allen greir?!?!
SirLardsAlot87: hahah
BubbaBoooze: dude its cosby
BubbaBoooze: im sorry
SirLardsAlot87: yes, David Allen Grier will be the next to go
SirLardsAlot87: i just cant accept Cosby
BubbaBoooze: 5 bucks its cosby
SirLardsAlot87: $5 said Greir
BubbaBoooze: deal?L
SirLardsAlot87: k
BubbaBoooze: haha ok your on bitch
SirLardsAlot87: so now i'm off to bed cya tommorow
BubbaBoooze: what?
SirLardsAlot87: i'm tired
BubbaBoooze: oh ok
BubbaBoooze: a;lskfjklsdfj
BubbaBoooze: im stupid ok h
SirLardsAlot87: haha i was in bed
SirLardsAlot87: and then i was like "NO JERRY GOLDSMITH"
BubbaBoooze: hahaha
SirLardsAlot87: so I ran out here to tell you