The New Site Project (Read & Comment!)


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The new site is being built with a primary objective:
To create a complete collection of Maiden resources and info FOR the fans, BY the fans.

And we need YOU!, you can play a part by posting useful resources (tabs, lyrics, trivial pieces of information) or correcting/improving already posted resources. (Oh yeah, and comments relating to how we can develop the idea, or useful things we could do count too!).

This is your chance to contribute directly to the fan scene, and provide a resource for all Maiden fans to explore and develop together :)


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somebody should convince Maiden Drifter to put his Bootleg database site back up. I think the info there did more benefit to the boot community than any other site.


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svartsyn said:
Check out the website of SPS, Tosse2, Maidenessex, Vegueta. You already get a lot of info over there!!
yes, Vegueta's site is an amazing resource...but I reckon that the site itself could possibly include a track list section, that is a more or less verifired list of the tracks of each gig.

no doubt, there are a lot of people out there asking whether this or that gig is complete and many of them are unaware of Vegueta's site or any other like that.

I have already made track lists (.txt format) of my maiden bootlegs - about 320 in number, which of course is available upon requst from the webmaster of the site or anyone else interested :) :)